Sometime in 1957, two fellows by the names of Kermit Comer and Jerry Peters met in a bicycle shop in New Lebanon, Ohio. The shop owner also sold hobby supplies, including model airplanes and engines. They soon had planes built and taught themselves to fly. (The hard way) Our wives even started calling them Wilbur and Orville.

In 1962, Kerm made a small airstrip behind his house. It was a pasture field which was in govenrment conservation at the time. At that time, Kerm had a big ground based transmitter which had a 9 foot Signal Corp Sectional antenna. It was manufactured by Ace Manufacturing Company. Both the transmitter and receiver had vacuum tubes. A button on the end of a cord was used to signal turns and engine control. The actuators were clock works powered by rubber bands, were usually made by Debolt, OS, and/or Citizenship. Later the transistors came into use and the radio receivers were purchased in kit form, and the parts soldered to printed circuit boards.

In 1964, Jerry met Dick Rhodes flying in a school yard. He had a new system known as "Galloping Ghost". The controls always fluttered back and forth, more in one way than the other for control. Also, multi-channel "Reed Systems" were present with us. On a ten channel transmitter there were five toggle switches, and the receivers were "Super Hetrodine" for better stability and noise reduction. In 1967 we picked up Denny Cassel and Wendel Harleman along the way. There were others, but these are still with us.

Around 1964/65 we started to fly on a farm south of Jerry's house. It was the Tom Halleron Farm. He owned a J-3 Cub and chased our fly-aways for us, which was a fairly common occurrance. We had nine or ten members, and met at each others homes once a month.

FAST RC Airfield
10368 Baltimore Phillipsburg Rd. Brookville, OH 45309

History of our club

In 1970 Halleron sold his farm, and we moved to the Strausburg Farm. We built a runway in what was a hay field. We named it "Strausburg Field". We had club members elected, and still held our meetings in members homes. We began using control pins for frequency safety control. George Beeler started our club newsletter and he continued producing it until he passed away.

In 1978, we started having Giant Scale Fly-Ins. We also started having competitive type Fly-Ins for the club members. While Dave Wagoner was president, he suggested we become incorporated. In 1975/76 the "FAST Club" became incorporated.

We enjoyed seventeen years of flying at the Strausburg Field. Many fine members came and went. In 1981 "Doc" Don Knapke was elected club treasurer. George Beeler started the "Polar Club" in 1979, which flies every New Years Day regardless of the weather. I should mention that by now we have evolved to true "Proportional Radio Systems". (This is really flying) Jim Williams designed our club name/logo which we currently use today. In 1986 the club started a swap meet. It was always held at the Montgomery County JVS. Many used planes and also supplies from hobby shops were brought in. We also sold eats & drinks. Kerm and Dave organized and held many fly-ins. On the last day at Strausburg Field we had a special fly-in, and presented the Strausburgs with a Hummel memento.

In 1987, we left Strausburg Field and the club had nowhere to fly. It wasn't long until we settled on Doug Ureg's farm, on the north west side of Brookville. Doug's neighbors did not take kindly to us flying over their property. Ted Stickler made connections with the Bridenbaughs and we landed at "Bridenbaugh Field" in 1989 where we currently are. We built a fine flight line and landing strip for our members and guests to fly on. We have a nice covered sun screen area for our spectators, with picnic tables. We also have access to a pole barn where we house our mowing equipment. Dave Wagoner was our maintenance man.

This brings us up to the year 2000. Our club has gotten so big, that our club membership has been capped at 60 members.

​Compiled and edited by Kerm Comer