FAST Airfield
10368 Baltimore Phillipsburg Rd. Brookville, OH 45309

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 May 21      Club Fun Fly                       1pm

 June 1      FAST Club Meeting             7pm
 June 3      Fly at Springfield Club        9am

 June 11    Club Fun Fly                        1pm
 July 6       FAST Club Meeting              7pm

 July 9       WACO Club visits                 1pm

 July 15     All Fly Fun Fly                      9am

 August 3   FAST Club Meeting              7pm

 August 13  Fly at WACO Club                1pm

​ August 19  Big Bird Fun Fly                   9am


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Summer Calendar

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FAST Club Meeting

Thursday, October 5, 7pm at Happy Corner Church

FAST Chili-Cook Fun Fly

Sunday, October 8, 1pm

Officer Elections

Held at the December meeting!